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  1. Blind Drawings - Double Blind over on AFA

    (penciled original head by siena)

    Multiple layers. gesso, paint, gesso, paint, acrylic lining, acrylic words, gesso, gel pen.

    I didn't photograph the start before working. people drew heads only, lightly in pencil. mouth, eyes, head. I added the bodies, hair, backgrounds, words, etc etc.

    (penciled ...
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  2. Hearts

    4x4 inch hearts have been a favorite of mine for a few months. I'm slowly working on various sizes, and upload hem to a blog when the urge to scan strikes (which is rarely -- ugh, image editing). Heart shaped is my favorite format these days, whether it's 4x4, sculpture, or ATC sized.

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  3. A Blue Flower

    Someone sent me a small, fake, flat blue flower in a little pack of ephemera. It's been on my desk for 2 days. I made this piece just to use it. Graphite on paper. Oh, pencils, how I have missed you, and the way gesso chews you up and spits you out.

    She loved her double chin. She wore a blue flower in her hair because ...

    Updated 05-28-2010 at 06:25 PM by nicci (added link!)

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  4. Gouache or Gesso?

    NTS: do not use the $15 tube of gouache when you're too lazy to go find the bucket of gesso and you're out of white acrylic. Get up and go find the bucket.

    I still, after 10 years of wondering, haven't determined why i ever bought that expensive tube, or why people prefer it to just mixing some gesso with color to lighten them. It does pretty much the same darn thing -- chalky opaque additive. ...
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  5. Revolution Gets Its Name By Always Coming Back Around In Your Face

    Another iATC user, arekanderina, wrote a blog entry about how it all started -- what inspired her to draw for the first time, and then how her art has progressed, and been stalled, since.

    I've been encouraged to make art since I was small, mostly by my mother, and at school. Art and drama were required courses until high school. I started out as a finger-painter, and by the time I made it through grade K, all of my clothing was paint stained. Every piece. I came home with paint on ...
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