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  1. Flirting with Mail Art again...

    Finished grad school & am now teaching. My yearly mini fine art print swap is on, and this year it's all about images of Spring. I'm hosting it over on Facebook, and it's open to everyone. If you happen to read this blog and are interested, message me!

    If you like bright colors and miniature printmaking, this might be a great exchange for you. The only requirements are size (4x4 inch paper, edition of 14), the use of at least one color other than black ink, and your own original ...
  2. Fine Art Valentines 2012 - Call to Artists

    It's that time of year again! I host a yearly swap of Fine Art Valentinesólittle 4x4 inch prints. Any printmaking technique welcome, even hand carved stamps!

    What is FAV?
    This swap is a 4x4inch art swap. Ideally, the papers will be heavy fine or fine art papers, from mulberry to heavy watercolor paper. Please use quality materials! The images should be hand stamped, screened, etched, relief printed, etc. Anything goes as long as it's traditional hand done printmaking. Use at ...
  3. creative hands

    It's creative hand time over on atcsforall. I joined a swap to make creative hands. I think the first edition of it was over here, in iATCs. The gist is you cut out life size hands on heavy paper or thin board, then use layers of paint and collage and such to make art. The theme for this swap is creativity.

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  4. Whimsy & Magic

    I've been writing a novel. It's an urban fantasy set in a small town in Georgia. Rural fantasy? Town fantasy? =D Magic is real and creepy things come out at night, and during the day. Let's be honest.

    That got me thinking about the importance of writing every day, and the magic we miss in every day life, just by being so busy. I just decided to put some mini books up, having revisited the importance ...
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  5. Love Me, Love My Belly

    I've temporarily abandoned my mail art (and a serious ATC addiction) for the lurid world of writing. I got a crazy hair at an art opening in May(ish), to go back to school for a Masters. In English. And it was another artist who nudged me toward it. (We were both in the show, of course. You know how conversations go when you're at an opening for a couple hours. Topics vary wildly!)

    My first semester ...

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