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  1. Juanita Rojas -
    Juanita Rojas's Avatar
    I've been ignored a couple of times on this site, and it is hurtful and yes, any kind of response is better than nothing at all. In fact, once I asked for a trade and added "This is the third time I've asked for a trade with you and didn't get a response, so if I don't hear from you this time I won't bother you again." I got a response something like "Wha??" (But nothing like "Sure, let's trade," just "Wha??" It's so easy to give one of Ann's nice excuses!!
    DRAGONSTARR's Avatar
    I think I have responded to all requests for trades, if I haven't I sincerely apologize. Sometimes I do not come to the site all that often, months even, but I try and respond to personal requests.
  3. Moonfairy -
    Moonfairy's Avatar
    I remember when I first started to make and trade ATCs, aaaaall the way back in 2007 while expecting my second child. Looking back on those cards they were really REALLY bad.... they wouldn`t let me become a member in here let me tell you, lol (seriously), but most of the people I traded with were the most incredible and talented artists.
    During the years I have learned so much, and improved in so many ways.... and I`m sure one of the reasons for that is the encouraging wonderful people I traded with back then
  4. Janet -
    Janet's Avatar
    omg, 'lesser card'. I sure hope you told 'em where to stick it, and sideways!!!
    Thank goodness the majority here are so lovely and encouraging.
  5. Juanita Rojas -
    Juanita Rojas's Avatar
    I agree, too. I was ignored once on this site, and once I was actually told that I could have one of that person's "lesser cards," gee, that sucked humungous balls. It's too bad because I really WANTed that person's art......but now I have bad feelings about that person, what a rotten stinkin shame. Thank you for all this, though. I will take it all to heart. Most everyone else is so lovely it brings tears to my eyes....
  6. TF Balding -
    TF Balding's Avatar
    I totally agree... Being ignored sucks.
    If I'm ever guilty of not responding to a request--PM me again! Sometimes my phone does weird things & messages don't get sent like I think they did. Cause I've totally had a few pm's go unanswered & it really does leave you wondering... & questioning the trade value/quality of your own art or if someone ya thought was pretty cool is actually kinda rude--sucks big balls.

    Whether you prefer being told that your art isn't what that person is looking for or if you prefer a sweeter lil white lie, almost anything is better than being left hanging.
  7. CindyD -
    CindyD's Avatar
    I would also prefer to know, Veterok. But I can't say whether that's true for everyone. Also, I've forgotten to update my cards a few times. Ugh.

    Meanwhile, in the last week I had someone not respond. But, I also responded late to 2 AFA requests. I imagine we're all doing the best we can. : )
  8. Veterok. -
    Veterok.'s Avatar
    I might sometimes appear silent because I just have so much going on in my life that I forget to answer messages, ie. I read a message when I get the e-mail notification of it, but then completely forget to answer when I visit the forum next time.. It's pathetic but it happens. I have however answered all trade requests, I think! : D

    I'd also like to add that to me it's much nicer to get "I don't dig your stuff that much" as an answer rather than a lie that the card has already been traded or something. I guess it's just principle, it feels nicer when you know that people are honest to you.
  9. jmmbarkovich -
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    Touche, AnnD, CindyD and Colourfulleigh! One may wonder if you need a secret decoder ring to obtain a response.
  10. Colourfulleigh -
    Colourfulleigh's Avatar
    I totally agree - to be ignored is simply insulting and definitely says a lot about the person doing the ignoring. We're here to TRADE after all.
  11. CindyD -
    CindyD's Avatar
    Just found this! People should read it. Do people even know about this blog business? I don't think I am guilty of not replying to trade requests. If so, it was not on purpose! Mostly I will say yes, if my card is marked available and someone asks.

    I do suggest people don't offer a specific card in trade. Usually when I ask for a trade, I say I have a few available and ALSO I would be willing to make a new card in return. It's totally fine if you don't have time to do that! It's just one method.

    I have been met with silence once or twice. And yes, that means I have a poor impression of those people. Because it's not nice and why did you join this site anyway?

    In closing, what AnnD said.